How to Order Certain Labels on Candles

We have been getting a lot of messages asking us how to order a certain label and we thought we would just do a blog post to explain.

Shopify, who we chose to open our website through, limits us markers who do custom designs on how we can list limited quantity products with unlimited options. We actually were going to launch our candles much earlier but we wanted to see if we could work around having an app created for us but usually that bogs down websites or changing code. Having an app designed was costly for a soft launch and changing code is scary 😱.

What we decided to do was list candles as Blank Canvases in the scents we have available and then list the available labels in the description. The candle scents are in limited quantities since they are already made but the labels are not, since we can print what you request.

To order a candle with the label you want you would just need to go the Blank Canvas Jars, found here:


Read the description to find the number of the label you want, most designs are shown in the photos.


Then you would pick your scent from the drop down box shown here:


Then add to cart. If you are done shopping just hit checkout. On the checkout page there is a note box please state the label you want for your blank canvas candle.


Then just complete your order.


But what if you want to buy multiple candles with different labels?

Well just add multiple blank canvas candles to your cart and in the note box state what your request is.


We know this is a little tedious and we do apologize, we will be revising this once we do a full launch.

We hope that this helps and we are here for you if you need any further help! 

Thank you for Shopping Small!


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