Northern Wind Bath Company was created out of necessity the spring of 2018.

 Our daughter developed cystic acne in 2017, just weeks before prom. It just came out of nowhere and it was relentless. We tried everything to help alleviate the damage it was causing but nothing worked. We decided it was time to look into a more natural approach, in hopes of that helping her.

 We started with cold processed soaps and lotions and we started to see some improvements. But our daughter is an avid make up wearer, not just basic make up but make up with high pigmentations, you know what I mean, beautiful glam style make up. We quickly realized that we had to develop more than just bars of soaps, we needed highly effective cleansers that wouldn’t strip her healing skin when taking off that makeup. Melt Away Your Day Balm was born. Everything after just blossomed from there, a true passion for creating better bath and body products was truly formed!

 Although I (Robin) started the business it didn’t take long that it became a family run business, with my husband Mike jumping aboard. We have expended our studio twice since opening in 2018 and hope to be able to run this business full time (we currently work full time as well) and then eventually have a brick and mortar store!

 Although we are a small home based business, we hope you see and feel the love, passion and dedication we put into Northern Wind and the products we create! You can expect creations that were brought to life using the finest ingredients from around the world but that are purchased using Canadian suppliers first and foremost, whenever possible. To us, supporting Canadian jobs is just as important as the products you put on your skin!

 We produce all our products in small batches to ensure the quality of each product is top notch.

 Take a leap of faith and de-commercialize your lives by using more natural, highly nourishing, handmade products for the love of your skin!

 We look forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals!



Robin & Mike